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Internet Technologies

Module name (EN): Internet Technologies
Degree programme: Computer Science and Web Engineering, Bachelor, ASPO 01.10.2018
Module code: DFBI-347
Hours per semester week / Teaching method: 2V+2P (4 hours per week)
ECTS credits: 5
Semester: 3
Mandatory course: no
Language of instruction:
Graded project work + presentation
Curricular relevance:
DFBI-347 Computer Science and Web Engineering, Bachelor, ASPO 01.10.2018, semester 3, optional course, informatics specific
KI500 Computer Science and Communication Systems, Bachelor, ASPO 01.10.2014, semester 5, mandatory course
PIBWI30 Applied Informatics, Bachelor, ASPO 01.10.2011, semester 5, optional course, informatics specific
60 class hours (= 45 clock hours) over a 15-week period.
The total student study time is 150 hours (equivalent to 5 ECTS credits).
There are therefore 105 hours available for class preparation and follow-up work and exam preparation.
Recommended prerequisites (modules):
Recommended as prerequisite for:
Module coordinator:
Prof. Dr. Martina Lehser
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Martina Lehser

[updated 06.03.2017]
Learning outcomes:
This course aims to acquaint students with the fundamental concepts and technologies used in the internet and related applications. Particular focus is placed on the suitability and applicability of these technologies in developing web-based information systems. Students will tackle a relatively large project to create an internet application and the experience gained will enable them to use appropriate software tools to design and implement larger, more complex internet applications.

[updated 08.05.2008]
Module content:
1. Internet application basics
2. Hypertext and hypermedia
3. XML fundamentals
4. Client-side page generation
5. Server-side page generation
6. CGI, Servlets, JavaServer Pages
7. Database interfacing

[updated 08.05.2008]
Recommended or required reading:
D. Comer:  Computernetzwerke und Internets, Pearson Studium 2004
A. Eberhart, S. Fischer:  Web Services, Hanser 2003
O. Avci et al.:  Web-Programmierung, Vieweg 2003
S. Niedermeier:  Cocoon 2 und Tomcat, Galileo 2006
B. Daum et al.:  Web-Entwicklung mit Eclipse, dpunkt 2005
M. Hall: Core Servlets und JavaServer Pages, Sun - M&T 2003
V. Turau: JavaServer Pages und J2EE, dpunkt-Verlag 2001
V. Turau:  Web-basierte Anwendungen mit JSP 2, dpunkt-Verlag 2004

[updated 08.05.2008]
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