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3klang Campus Radio

Module name (EN): 3klang Campus Radio
Degree programme: Cultural Management, Master, ASPO 01.04.2020
Module code: MAKM-305
SAP-Submodule-No.: P430-0032
Hours per semester week / Teaching method: 4V (4 hours per week)
ECTS credits: 6
Semester: 1
Mandatory course: no
Language of instruction:
Project work

[updated 24.09.2020]
Exam recurrence:
The information regarding exam recurrence is found within the exam policy of the study programme (ASPO).
Applicability / Curricular relevance:
MAKM-305 (P430-0032) Cultural Management, Master, ASPO 01.04.2020, semester 1, optional course
60 class hours (= 45 clock hours) over a 15-week period.
The total student study time is 180 hours (equivalent to 6 ECTS credits).
There are therefore 135 hours available for class preparation and follow-up work and exam preparation.
Recommended prerequisites (modules):
MAKM-210 Cultural Marketing and Communications Policy

[updated 25.10.2018]
Recommended as prerequisite for:
Module coordinator:
Prof. Dr. Jörg Abbing
Prof. Dr. Nicole Schwarz
Prof. Dr. Jörg Abbing

[updated 25.10.2018]
Learning outcomes:
After successfully completing this module, students will:
_        be able to compose broadcast texts for the campus radio project and, if necessary, present them themselves
_        know how to be proactive in the field of marketing and how to promote the art of radio
_        be able to work independently on revising existing campus radio broadcasting formats
_        be able to present the campus radio station to the public in a communicative way
_        be able to compile surveys to improve the quality of the radio program and incorporate these surveys into the concept of the various broadcasting formats
_        have mastered and the technical prerequisites for Internet radio
_        be able to work independently on smaller marketing issues in the form of case studies from practical experience using the theoretical knowledge acquired in the module

[updated 24.09.2020]
Module content:
_        Marketing strategies for operating Internet radio stations
_        Ideas for structuring and creating consumer-oriented broadcasting formats for a streaming service
_        Language competence coaching
_        Methodical implementation of communication strategies for classical music and jazz
_        Creation of regional magazine contributions, regional event scanning
_        Basics of radio marketing

[updated 24.09.2020]
Teaching methods/Media:
Project work, team colloquia and individual work in the 3klang campus radio studio at the htw saar

[updated 24.09.2020]
Recommended or required reading:
_        Webers, J. (2007): Handbuch der Tonstudiotechnik: Analoges und digitales Audio Recording bei Fernsehen, Film und Rundfunk. Poing: Franzis.
_        Föllmer, G. und Thiermann, S. (Hg., 2006): Relating Radio. Communities. Aesthetics. Access. Beiträge zur Zukunft des Radios. Leipzig: spector books.
_        Geißler, F. (1997): Neue Musik und Medien. Altenburg: Kamprad.
_        Riegler, T. (2014): Internetradio: Grenzenlose Programmvielfalt. Baden-Baden: vth-Verlag.
_        Hellmann, K. (2001): Internetradio: Marktstrukturen und Unternehmensstrategien. Norderstedt: Diplomica-Verlag.

[updated 24.09.2020]
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