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study programme degree semester ASPO faculty institutes abbreviation abbreviation (SAP)
Engineering and Management M.Eng42013
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Head of StudiesProf. Dr. Bernd Heidemann
Deputy Head of StudiesProf. Dr. Jürgen Griebsch
Chairman of ExaminationProf. Dr.-Ing. Christian Gierend
Deputy Chairman of ExaminationProf. Dr. Marco Günther

Mandatory Courses

Module name (EN) Code SAP-P Semester Hours per semester week / Teaching method ECTS Module coordinator
IT and TC Law MAM.2.2.21 8 2V 2 RA Cordula Hildebrandt

(1 module)

Optional Courses

Module name (EN) Code SAP-P Semester Hours per semester week / Teaching method ECTS Module coordinator
Astronomy Seminar MAM. 9 1V+1PA international course 2 Prof. Dr. Martin Löffler-Mang
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) MAM., P610-0458 - 2V+2U international course 6 Prof. Dr. Frank Ulrich Rückert
Contract Law MAM.2.2.4P241-0368, P610-0459 1 2V 2 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rüdiger Tiemann
Design of Experiments MAM. 8 2PA international course 3 Prof. Dr. Martin Löffler-Mang
Environmental Decision Support Systems MAM. 8 4V 6 Prof. Steven Frysinger
Failure Analysis in Operational and Manufacturing Environments MAM. 1 1V 2 Prof. Dr. Moritz Habschied
Fibre-Reinforced Composites: Calculation and Praxis MAM. 2 1V+3PA 5 Prof. Dr. Moritz Habschied
Fundamentals of Welding - The Qualified Welding Engineer MAM. 2 6V 6 Prof. Dr. Moritz Habschied
Human Computer Interaction MAM. 1 4V international course 5 Prof. Steven Frysinger
Human Factors MAM.2.2.6P221-0113 8 4V international course 6 Prof. Steven Frysinger
International Project Week and Intercultural Experience MAM. 1 2PA 2 Prof. Dr. Marco Günther
Oral and General Presentation Skills in the Engineering Sciences MAM., P610-0560 - 1V+1U 2 Studienleitung
Patent Law MAM.2.2.5P241-0360, P610-0464 1 2V 2 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rüdiger Tiemann
Planning and Running RoboNight Workshops MAM. 8 1PA+1S international course 3 Prof. Dr. Steffen Knapp
Prototyping MAM. 1 4PA 5 Prof. Dr. Bernd Heidemann
Research and Innovation Management MAM.2.2.19P200-0035 2 4SU 5 Prof. Dr.-Ing. John Heppe
Service Management with ITIL MAM.2.2.17P222-0081 8 2V 3 Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Miede
Traffic Control and Traffic Management MAM. 2 4V 6 Prof. Dr. Horst Wieker

(18 modules)

Summary ECTS per semester (mandatory courses)

Semester ECTS
1 48.00
2 68.00
3 70.00
4 30.00
8 2.00
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